Why an Atheist Clothing Company?





Why We Decided To Open An Atheist Shop

About 6 years ago a group of us decided we wanted to find more like minded atheist friends. We were lacking a community of our own and needed to get away from the day to day bombardment of religious banter and pointless nonsense.


Initially we joined Atheist groups through Facebook and began expanding a network of friends. We started a few groups and pages, after a year or two of groups strictly about atheism. We wanted more community and less focus on being non religious... I couldn't get over how focused on religion a group of atheists could be. 


After years of interacting with atheists from around the world we decided we wanted to offer people the opportunity to connect with fellow atheists and voice their feelings about organized religion at the same time. We want to help stand against religion while creating safe communities for atheists around the globe. This is the reason we offer subtle designs like ourĀ Atheist Wings

Atheist Products

So we ventured out and a few of us created an Atheist Clothing Company. It's been a rough road, and three years in we're finally starting to get noticed and make our way into the atheist communities around the world. We hope we've provided you with a positive experience, and that you've found something you enjoy. 

- LT Staff

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