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Science flies you to the moon, Religion into buildings T-Shirt



Why would you want it?

With the widespread opinion that religion isn't harmless it's sometimes important to point out the dichotomy. Don't be afraid to start a conversation.


Whats Great About it?

It's A dedication to the quote, "Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings." by Victor J. Stenger. And it comes on a soft, quality printed shirt.


To Gift or not to Gift?

I would not recommend this one for a blind gift. This shirt has to be picked out to ensure someone's willing to wear it.


I was inspired by a similar meme and felt I had the assets to produce something similar. I dig the design. I may do a very iterations when I circle back on it.

Science Rocket Fish, Moon.

For the science rocket fish and moon I used the rocket from our "Real Men Love Science" shirt, The Moon from our "Science Rocket to the Moon" shirt.

Religion Plane

The Religion Plane was originally a Religion Bomb I used for the "Science Over Religion" Shirt.

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