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Why Logikal Threads?

Logikal Threads was created to provide high quality style and comfort to the niche Freethinker Marketplace.

What does the owl stand for?

Logikal - The Owl, stands for logic and wisdom. 


Where do the clothes come from?

Our products sold in the U.S. are primarily printed in the U.S. We try to provide as many U.S. made garments as possible, though some of our garments may include international suppliers. Our fulfillment centers are located all around the world.

Is the clothing good quality?

We try to provide brands such as Bella Canvas and American Apparel or equally reputable brands. We think that when you wear our clothing it should look as good as the design printed on it.

How Do I Apply A Decal?

Applying a decal for the first time can be tricky. Check out our Decal Application Tutorial for more information on how to apply and care for a decal.

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How are shipping rates determined?

Please view our Shipping Policy page.


Can I track my order?

You can check your order tracking on the Orders section of your account. 

Can I correct an order?

Please use our Contact Us page to get in touch as soon as possible. You can also contact us via email.


How do I update my account info?

You can update your account info via the Account Details section of your account.

Why can't I login?

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