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About Logikal Threads

Our Brand

Logikal Threads is an Atheist Clothing Company dedicated to free thought, free speech, and humanist clothing (mixed with a few other things we really like and appreciate.) We offer a passive (and sometimes aggressive) tool to get more people questioning their religion and beliefs.

We also offer designs outside of Atheism that embody the beliefs and passions that our team wants to spread, such as mind-altering drugs, pro-vaccine awareness, celiac disease awareness, gender equality, politics, and self expression.

Logikal Threads is our passion and we absolutely love the community we've grown from and helped to create.


The Team

Our team is comprised of a small group of friends and family that chose to start a company that we really believed in. We launched the company in our dining room, designing and creating our products right on our dinner table. The essence of our brand began in the center of our loving home. When you choose to purchase from Logikal Threads, you can rest assured you're funding a small family business, rather than a billionaire at the top of a skyscraper.

Due to the nature of Logikal Threads edgy, progressive, and sometimes radical brand, we've chosen to protect our identities from people who may want to hurt us or our families. Trust us, the death threats fly in.

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